Take a Risk

I read something today “women care too soon and men care too late”, and I could totally relate to that. There have been so many experiences in my life when I see a person caring too much, but being unable to show it. Or, they wouldn’t even accept or even realize that they care unless it’s too late. And, that’s not true just for men, … Continue reading Take a Risk


Starting a conversation about things that no one would talk about is the rebellion that we need. If you can help a single person come out and talk about what’s bothering them, then you’ve succeeded in making an impact. So, speak up and encourage others to do the same. Spark a rebellion by initiating a conversation about everything that is wrong in the world. Cheers … Continue reading Rebellion


You know those people who seem ok even when they’re going through hell? Yes, the ones who pretend like they’ve got it all figured out and don’t need anyone and can deal with anything by themselves. You know why they do that? Not because they’re strong enough to not need anyone. It’s because they know that if they make themselves even a little vulnerable, they’ll … Continue reading Strong?