Take a Risk

I read something today “women care too soon and men care too late”, and I could totally relate to that.

There have been so many experiences in my life when I see a person caring too much, but being unable to show it. Or, they wouldn’t even accept or even realize that they care unless it’s too late.

And, that’s not true just for men, but for women as well.

I don’t think it has anything to do with gender, but it’s more about the kind of person you are.

Some people have built walls around them because they have a fear of getting hurt again. Some are simply introverts or socially awkward who find it difficult to express emotion. Others are just too out of touch with their own self to realize and accept what they’re feeling.

No matter what your reason is, it never bodes well for anyone to let someone they like go because they couldn’t show that they care.

You’ll always wonder what could have happened if you did show that you care. And, you never know, how much the other person needed it in their life and how you could have been happy together instead of living your life thinking there’s no one for you.

For all those people out there who are too afraid to show that they care… Take a risk, because it’s worth it. Your never know when you meet someone who can change your life so beautifully that you’d not even remember what it was before you met them.

And trust me, that’s a chance that you should be willing to take, because if you get hurt, it’ll be just another time, but if you find the one, that’ll be worth all the heartbreaks you had to go through to find him or her.

Make yourself vulnerable, express your emotions, be weird, be honest, dare to trust, dare to love, even if you get hurt over and over again… It’ll be worth it some day, believe that.

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