Diversity and Acceptance

It’s difficult living in this country… This country that’s proud of having a profusion of languages, cultures, religions, and traditions, and yet somehow fails to accept different perspectives, lifestyles, sexual preferences, and life choices in general.

In a country that prides itself of being secular and immersing itself in elements of different cultures, without losing its own identity, why is it so difficult to accept the uniqueness, weirdness, and quirkiness of each individual.
If the nation, as a collective, is so proud of its identity, why can’t it accept people for their individuality?

And if they are so afraid of people thinking differently, from the socially accepted norms, then why do they call themselves a democracy? They might, just as well, become a dictatorship and enforce their opinions. At least then, people will have a clear choice to make, they’ll either conform or rebel. But at least, they won’t spend their lives trying to fit in, in a society that does not condone individuality.

This reflects even in our education system. It’s a broken system…

We are all aware of the prejudices and biases that people have about religion, caste, race, educational background, sexual preferences, or different personalities in general. It’s there in our personal as well as professional lives. But what do we really do about it? Nothing.

Like Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to win is for good men to do nothing”. That applies to all of us. Yes, you heard me right. It applies to you and me, and everyone else, who saw something unfair and didn’t take a stand against it.

You must be thinking, how can I change the opinions and behaviours of an entire society. Well, we make a society, each one of us. If we just consciously try to be more accepting of the people in our lives, that will make a huge difference.

The next time you see someone who’s different, be extra kind and open-minded. Accept them for who they are.

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