Random Thoughts – How Time Flies

I was once having a conversation with some friends and there was a baby crying next door and I didn’t even hear it. My friends were surprised at the fact and didn’t even believe me when I told them that I didn’t hear it until they brought my attention to it.

I guess, that’s what happens when you’re having a good conversation or are talking about something with absolute passion. As they say, time flies by when you’re in good company or are enjoying yourself.

And then there are days when I lie wide awake in the middle of the night and hear every sound there is to hear. Sometimes, so much so that I get a shiver every time there’s even a little noise.

And then there are times when the silence of the night is actually deafening. I think a series of unrelated, uncontrollable thoughts that scream in my head and I do anything and everything to get away from those.

It’s funny how our senses either get heightened or numb depending on our situation. One moment you’re so engrossed in something that you can’t be distracted by even a cacophony. And, another moment you’re so alone with your thoughts that you can hear sounds that are probably only audible to dogs.

Ultimately, though, we hear only what we want to hear. Nothing more, nothing less, precisely that.

You enjoy a moment so much that you don’t want to miss a second of it, your brain will automatically cancel all background noise. You feel lonely and want something to keep yourself occupied and your brain will find a way it keep itself busy.

I have enjoyed both. The moments of absolute engrossment and those of utter chaos. And, looking back I can’t say I would have it any other way. Both taught me something.

The moments of complete involvement taught me what are the things or people in my life who are important to me. The moments of chaos and loneliness taught me to be ok with being with myself and be vulnerable enough to let my thoughts flow.

Lying in bed, with my thoughts taking over me, I am finally ready to let go…

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